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Natures Only Solo tastes exactly like sugar because it contains sweet-tasting Sucralose. Sucralose is non-caloric, non-cariogenic and has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels. It is therefore ideal for people with diabetes as well as anyone trying to reduce their sugar intake to meet current healthy eating guidelines or to control their body weight. The safety of Sucralose has been thoroughly evaluated and is endorsed by many health experts worldwide.

Key Advantages:

  • Tastes like sugar
  • Zero calories
  • Made from real sugar
  • Exceptionally high-temperature stability
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • 600 times sweeter than sugar
  • Superior shelf life
  • No warning labels
  • Can be used by all population groups
  • Outstanding processing versatility
  • Already used in over 4000 products, including various products for children
  • Ingredient compatibility

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